Opportunity for Improvement

Accumen’s engagement within the regional lab structure was already in a good position but leadership acknowledged that even better results could be achieved because of our partnership.

With many labs under different leaders without common datasets there was a system-wide level of “unknown:unknown”. What was working? What wasn’t? What could be measured and how to do that with consistency and rigor? Those were just a few of the questions that the team came to the table looking to solve.

“As a leader in the healthcare space we had taken on the initial hurdle of eliminating the unnecessary transfusions on our own and saw progress.”

One of the top five largest US health systems, serving millions annually across seven states.

Gained Efficiency

Through Accumen’s patient blood management diagnostics and benchmarks, the national health system was provided with a comprehensive assessment of the opportunity range for reducing red blood cell, platelet and plasma utilization compared to similar organizations throughout the country. This showed that further improvements in patient safety and medical care was within reach with the right guidance and follow through.

Improved Cost Structure

Bringing the disjointed lab processes and systems together, the labs were able to organize a central vendor management process that helped improve the entire systems’ purchasing power and supply chain. With the economies of scale multiplied across all the labs, the cost per test was able to be both measured and improved.

We see Accumen as a key ingredient to the success of our labs and our on-going efforts to go from good to great.”

— Director of Operations

Our Work’s Impact

Accumen is the Plan

Over the term of this engagement, Accumen took a results-driven approach which lead to being a trusted member of the team. The cost savings spoke for themselves in many ways and when it came time to plan for the next step in optimization, Accumen was seen as a partner.

Looking Forward

The cost savings achieved in the lab has moved them into the most competitive position regionally and created even more opportunities to scale and grow. As that growth continues, Accumen looks to continue to support the lab as they drive productivity forward and cost per test down.