Opportunity for Improvement

Blood transfusion is the most common inpatient medical procedure in the United States. Correspondingly, blood products are one of the largest line items in a laboratory’s multimillion-dollar budget. What’s more, studies show that 40 to 60 percent of transfusions are unnecessary.

With so many transfusions being done by many different practitioners, it is difficult to assess the impact of blood transfusions on patient outcomes.

One of the early challenges this health system faced was getting consistent, reliable data on which to base its blood utilization analyses. Without a common set of data points and a shared measurement methodology, they were unable to track improvement effectively.

One of the top five largest U.S. health systems, serving millions annually across seven states.

Integrated Engagement

Accumen’s patient blood management diagnostic and benchmarking process gave this health system a comprehensive assessment of the opportunity to reduce red blood cell, platelet, and plasma utilization compared to similar organizations throughout the country. The diagnostic also provided a single methodology for evaluating and pulling the data to create trust and clarity in the process of making measurable improvements.

Shared Foundation

Thanks to a dedicated team within Accumen, they were able to implement a comprehensive patient blood management program much more quickly. The health system’s internal team would have taken five years to complete the process alone; with Accumen, the entire program was framed and rolled out within 30 months, bringing cost savings into focus swiftly.

Opportunities for Savings

Accumen’s self-funding model, which is based on blood acquisition costs alone, was very attractive because it provided a no-risk approach to accelerating the health system’s patient blood management program. All other associated cost savings for processing, storage, and blood administration, as well as reductions in the overall cost of care that would result from reducing transfusion-related adverse effects, would be captured entirely by the organization.

“We’re grateful to have Accumen as a partner, … in the work that we’ve done and the work that is still to do. In healthcare we’re always improving and evolving, and knowing we have a partner that is always at the cutting edge to help see our implementations through successfully is critical to our ongoing service to our community.”

— - Chief Medical Officer

Our Work’s Impact

This integrated health system has been partnering with Accumen for the past two years to improve operational performance across its imaging service line. During the diagnostic phase, Accumen’s imaging excellence team revealed opportunities for significant improvement in service line optimization and supply chain management.

Looking Forward

The results achieved through the imaging excellence partnership allowed the system to redeploy current staff and increase staff productivity and equipment utilization.  The integrated health system was able to expand patient access to women’s imaging appointments by 44 percent. The health system was also able to eliminate its two-week backlog and can now schedule women for these lifesaving screenings more quickly.

Customized analytics created significant awareness and opportunity to drive savings, totaling 17 percent so far. Patient, staff, and physician satisfaction have improved as well. Accumen’s clinical imaging experience provided value and helped build a strong relationship founded on trust, which will continue to pay dividends as the partnership progresses into the future.