Understanding COVID-19 Testing Methods and Preparing for the Next Supply Chain Disruption

Presented by ACCUMEN

June 10, 2020


Moderated by:

  • Brent Bolton, Director, Supply Chain, ACCUMEN


  • Kimberly Zunker, Consulting Manager, ACCUMEN
  • Jeremy Wilneff, Client Supply Chain Manager, ACCUMEN
  • John Mattison, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Assistant Medical Director, Chief Health Information Officer, Emeritus

In this webinar, our expert speakers will discuss:

    1. Understand the different COVID-19 testing methods
    2. Review how various test methods can be used to ensure reliable results
    3. Overview of approved EUA’s for molecular and serology testing
    4. Address complexities of the “make vs buy” COVID testing options
    5. Learn what to expect next for supply chain disruptions and population health testing