How Accumen Compares to DIY Lab Improvement Solutions

August 24, 2017
Insight Article
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Faced with tight budgets, and left off the list of strategic priorities, hospital and health systems often choose to introduce improvements to lab operations on a do-it-yourself (DIY) basis. But before your organization goes the DIY route, take a moment to consider how Accumen can drive results in an accelerated timeframe with less risk.

Scale of improvements

DIY solutions – incremental or project-based improvements.

It’s true enough that any improvement is better than no improvement. But if you’re relying on small improvement projects, your lab is missing an opportunity to evolve into a strategic asset and revenue driver. If you’re going to put effort into performance improvements, it’s better to make a real impact ­–especially for the most scalable entity in your hospital or health system.

Accumen – a full transformation to lab excellence.

Our lab transformation solutions drive value through a focus on execution. Accumen’s clinical and operational experts work by your side to implement service line optimizationtest menu optimizationintegrated lab supply managementpatient blood management, and outreach growth. Your lab will evolve into a hub of quality, service, and cost savings.

Strategic impact

DIY solutions – the lab isn’t strategic…is it?

Many hospital and health system leaders think of labs as the site of transactional services or a cost center. As such, the lab doesn’t come into strategic discussions. But, more than 80 percent of patient records flow through the lab, and 70 percent of major clinical decisions are based on lab results.  Achieving lab excellence should be a key strategic priority for any hospital or health system.

Accumen – create a strategic powerhouse and drive revenue growth.

With performance improvement geared toward the right benchmarks, your lab can evolve from good to great. Accumen Diagnostic is a proprietary approach that allows Accumen’s team to assess your lab’s current performance levels against benchmarks of hundreds of hospital labs to identify opportunities to improve cost, quality, service, utilization, and outreach.


DIY solutions – the “when things slow down” timeline.

Lab leadership is often optimistic about getting around to making lab improvements when things slow down a bit. The reality is, in today’s transformative healthcare environment, the pace is only going to get faster, with more at stake. Lab leaders who wait until they have the time will find that they have not made much progress at the end of the year.

Accumen – a three- to five-year lab transformation plan, with detailed annual strategic and tactical plans.

Hand in hand with clients, Accumen determines the lab’s current performance level and establishes clear improvement targets.  We enable health systems to retain control of care, while effectively learning how to easily modernize their laboratory to achieve measurable improvements and ultimate lab utilization and productivity.


DIY solutions – seem like the best option, but costs may be hidden in decreased productivity.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to run a lab and improve it at the same time. But when lab leaders are spread too thin, it can drag down productivity. For many hospitals and health systems, some productivity cost may be preferable to the investment in consulting but the outcomes will be greater.

Accumen – value-based lab transformation.

Fortunately for labs across the country, there is a third option between the extremes of low-cost DIY and high-cost traditional healthcare performance improvement consulting. Accumen’s value-based strategy pays for itself out of the cost savings it creates.

Ready to transform your hospital or health system’s lab?
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While the journey to lab excellence is complex, it doesn’t have to be difficult. A collaborative approach to lab acceleration enables laboratories to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency.