Transfusion is a Transplant Poster

May 18, 2017
Image for Transfusion is a Transplant Poster

U.S. hospitals over-transfuse by an alarming 40-60%. Meanwhile, each day brings more clinical evidence that shows unnecessary and avoidable transfusions can cause harm to patients. While blood transfusions can save lives in certain circumstances, they are a liquid “transplant” that can have a significant impact on short and long-term patient outcomes.

As a result, many hospitals and health systems are partnering with Accumen in 2017 to implement a system-wide, Comprehensive Patient Blood Management program (cPBM). This is a national quality and patient safety initiative focused on evidence-based transfusion practice and proactive strategies designed to reduce the number of transfusions and improve patient outcomes.
Download this free Transfusion is a Transplant poster to help raise awareness and encourage evidence-based transfusion practices at your hospital or health system.

Download the poster here.