Supply Chain & Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing
Case Study

Financial and clinical leadership from 50+ health systems averaged 15-25% savings on laboratory expenses in 3-year partnerships with Accumen’s Supply Chain solutions.

Growth in the midst of change - How Mercy Health saved $2.4M in a post-pandemic world

Mercy’s success in saving $2.4M in supply chain and strategic sourcing costs within one year is significant and demonstrates a commitment to effective cost management.

Advancing Collaboration, Success, and Sustainability for Memorial Healthcare System

Within the first year of implementing the partnership, Memorial attained over $1M in savings. The primary focus was on three main lab categories, and with Accumen’s support, Memorial was able to drive down chemistry pricing by 11%, tissue diagnostics by 21%, and achieved hematology pricing improvements of 38%. 

Why Lab Stewardship Management and Why Now?

Lab Stewardship programs demonstrate better patient care by effectively reducing medical error, improving patient safety and outcomes, and laboratory and hospital costs.

An Inpatient Reference Test Formulary References Cost

How did this 400+ bed community hospital reduce their average reference lab test cost by 35%? Through an inpatient reference test formulary, as part of their laboratory stewardship program. 

Comprehensive Lab Formularies: Understanding the Clinical and Financial Impact to Your Health System

The End of PHE is Coming: How Hospital Labs Should Prepare for the Shift

Lab Advisory Services

Midwest Hospital Completes Successful CAP Inspection with Thorough Preparation and Planning

In preparation for their inspection, this lab enlisted Accumen’s support in conducting two mock inspections. The first one identified 40 deficiencies, which the lab team began addressing immediately. During the second one, the findings were cut in half. Once the official CAP inspection was conducted, the team successfully passed. 

Leveraging Data and Phlebotomy Swarm to Improve Patient Care

Find out why a swam approach improves delivery, enhances team work, equalizes draw selection, reduces rework, and advances communication.

Mercy Hospital Joplin Increased Productivity Utilizing Schedule Excellence

Schedule Excellence assists health systems’ labs with achieving consistency and creates a standardized approach to test volume analysis, staffing, and scheduling.

Maintaining Quality in Your Lab

Competing priorities within the lab can make it difficult to ensure your lab is always meeting regulatory and quality standards. There is a solution, however, to meeting regulatory standards and achieving a more self-sustaining quality management system.

Achieving Lab Quality After an Unsuccessful Inspection

No one wants to receive an inspection letter containing a list of their lab’s deficiencies. With a limited amount of time, resources and staff, labs can find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared to respond to these deficiencies. Accumen can assist during this stressful time and help your lab respond appropriately to avoid further repercussions. 

Seeking an Interim
Lab Director?

Our bench of Interim Lab Directors are experienced and all have a proven track record of being very successful in this leadership role. When placing candidates, we balance the unique needs of each laboratory with real-world operational experience.

Accumen Supports the Transition of Outreach Testing and Management

In 2021, one of the top five health systems in the US, with 142 hospitals and 40,000 providers, began exploring options for the long-term vision and strategy of its lab assets. The journey included consideration of new relationships and partnerships to bring greater value to the patients and communities served.

Laboratory Information System - IT Project Team Structure, Risk & Resources Assessment

A large 97+ non-standard, multi-region health system struggled with complexity, technology resources, and lab analytics. Accumen was selected as their trusted partner, reporting directly to the health system’s CIO.

Laboratory Information System - Clinical Data Exchanges & Order Management Solutions

A large, multi-state, 30+ health system lab in the Midwest struggled with outreach growth, including 2 bidirectional interfaces per year, as well as a backlog of 400+ unmanageable projects, resources, and execution. Accumen developed an outreach strategy that moved the client to the right technology.

Benchmarking: Driving Lab and Clinical Transformation

Start your benchmarking journey to improved…

  • -Patient safety
  • -Efficiency
  • -Performance reliability

Lean Six Sigma in the Clinical Laboratory

Key lean Six Sigma tools/methods and applications include:

-Value Stream Mapping

-Lean Daily Management

-Daily Huddles

-Process Standard Work

-Leader Standard Work

-First In First Out (FIFO)

-Kanban Inventory Management

-5S – Training and Execution 

-A3 Improvement Approach

-Root Causes Analysis (RCA)

-SWOT Analysis

Optimizing the Strategic Value of Your Lab

comprehensive Patient Blood Management (cPBM)

Blood Health - The New Disrupter: Your Organization's Health Depends on Your Strategy

In hospitals and health systems, patient blood management matters. Blood management affects patient outcomes and impacts healthcare organizations’ bottom lines. There are now opportunities to disrupt the status quo in blood management, with benefits for patients and provider organizations. 

Northeastern Health System Improves Clinical and Financial Outcomes in Nine Months Through a comprehensive Patient Blood Management Program

Within the first nine months of implementing cPBM, this health system attained:

-144 patients optimized with pre-operative treatment

-$330K in blood acquisition cost savings

Jefferson Health and Accumen Delivered $10M in only 2 Years with comprehensive Patient Blood Management

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MyBloodHealth® Frequently Asked Questions

View a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions regarding our patented anemia management software, MyBloodHealth®.