Accumen Relative Value Unit (RVU)™

Accumen’s Relative Value Unit (RVU) system enables you to communicate key business insights affecting financial performance for your hospital laboratory.

In the busy world of hospitals and health systems, you often see supply cost metrics that don’t account for the procedure or mix of services provided. You need an advanced, easy to use and easy to implement tool that enables you to accurately communicate test mix by functional department and laboratory performance without the need for a software application. That’s where Accumen’s RVU system comes in. Accumen’s RVU system enables your organization to accurately communicate laboratory performance with ease and create improvement initiatives within the laboratory.


  • Weighted RVUs for all laboratory tests, and includes consideration of pre-analytical (specimen), analytical, post-analytical processes, cost, and reimbursement
  • Useful to all laboratory departments and health system decision support
  • Customizable – RVU data sets are provided in your preferred format (Microsoft Excel, SQL databases, JSON, and many more), and can be used in a variety of data analysis tools
  • Be up and running in less than a week
  • Eight hours of training support included; additional training can be added if needed

Lab costs are directly related to test mix weights, just like acute care inpatient services

A test mix analysis is only way to accurately assess your lab budget

Accurately forecast hospital lab reimbursement based on RVUs

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