Our Results


Our partners realized up to 28% decrease in total lab cost per test


Partners have real savings ranging from 15-20% over a 3-year transformation


We have delivered improved quality and service outcomes with clients totaling over $1B in lab spend

Key Lab Excellence Differentiators


Lab Outreach

Our customized approach optimizes our clients' current laboratory to drive revenue growth.

Supply Chain

Our comprehensive solution enables health system partners to reduce supply chain costs without compromising quality or workflow efficiencies.

Patient Blood Management

Our team helps drive better patient outcomes, utilize less bloom and reduce overall blood spend.

Work alongside our partners

Accumen, with its unmatched expertise inside and outside of healthcare, will partner with your leaders to deliver results.

Accumen Performance SuiteTM

Our suite of proprietary tools provide actionable insight into performance at all levels, illustrating opportunity for improvement that will drive positive change.

Accumen Benchmarks

On-demand access to 20+ years of benchmarking data that permit unique site and department performance comparisons.

Accumen Playbooks

We leverage proprietary lean and six sigma-based best practices to improve your results.

At-Risk Model

Our partnership fees for full transformation solutions can be 100% at-risk, where we are paid only from the savings we create.

Designed to Sustain

Because we engage lab leaders and staff at every stage of planning and execution, gains and outcomes are easy to maintain.

"As a leader in the healthcare space we had taken on the initial hurdle of eliminating the
unnecessary transfusions on our own and saw progress.” - System Director, National Health System

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