Forward-looking healthcare organizations recognize the mounting threats to imaging department profitability as reimbursements decrease, staffing and equipment costs increase, and competition intensifies. We understand your need to respond to this challenging environment – by confronting your most difficult issues head on. Accumen’s Imaging Excellence solutions drive sustainable results in an ever-changing imaging environment, dramatically improving the patient experience and delivery of your organizational goals.

Unparalleled clinical Imaging expertise

Accumen’s team has decades of hands-on imaging experience working in every role from technologist to system level director. We understand the challenges you face because we have been there. In today’s dynamic marketplace, Imaging departments are critical to a health system’s competitiveness. We are here to support you in unlocking the full value of your department.

Accumen Helps Tackle Your Biggest Pain Points

Our clients come to us with their biggest, most complex questions and challenges. Accumen recommends customized Operations Optimization, Business Strategy and Advanced Post-Processing solutions to elevate your Imaging business in your unique clinical landscape. Accumen has a range of targeted offerings designed to give you everything you need, the way you need it.

Partnership Models

Flat Fee By Transaction or Subscription

Working with Accumen’s post-processing solution 3DR Labs, LLC, pay per case for 3D advanced visualization from the #1 post-processing lab in the country.

Fee for Service Initiative Based

Budget for your project before it starts! Identify partnership needs, build a scope of work and agree on initiative fee prior to work being started.

Shared Savings Full Transformation

Partner with Accumen to identify opportunities and address them together in a multi-year partnership yielding 15-20% average savings across your Imaging department. We assess your department needs, agree on goals, do the work together and share in the fruits of our labor – as a team.


3DR Post-Processing
3DR Labs, LLC is the largest, most respected 3D medical post-processing laboratory in the nation. Since its founding in 2005, 3DR has provided post-processing services to hundreds of hospital Imaging departments, stand-alone imaging centers and radiology practices enabling them to obtain expert processing of their medical imaging cases within hours or even minutes for emergencies. Unrivaled industry expertise enables 3DR to form a truly collaborative relationship with hospitals and imaging centers that need solutions beyond just scanning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions
In addition to 3D post-processing services, 3DR Labs offers unique AI solutions to further expand the capabilities of your Imaging department. These include liver iron quantification, regional lung function analysis, and quantitative brain analysis for several diseases, including: MS plaque load in a numerical score, dementia evaluation through tracking brain atrophy, as well as cost-neutral evaluation of patients with traumatic brain injury or epilepsy. No infrastructure build or platform is needed to engage these resources.


Whether you want to engage in smart capacity planning or improve operational efficiency, a detailed workflow analysis is essential. At Accumen, we know that every modality is different, and we take that variation into account. We analyze the ebb and flow of each modality to maximize capacity, streamline operations, and decrease waste.

Patient Access
Providing easy, efficient imaging access for patients is considerably more complex than many realize. Accumen looks at every step in the process; evaluating each touchpoint, uncovering moments of friction, and offering in-depth recommendations. We consider patient satisfaction along with geographic, demographic, and population health-related patterns affecting physician referrals and leakage.

Labor Model
Accumen will help you streamline your individual modality labor models by analyzing volume trends and hours of operation against your specific workload. Our team will partner with you to implement efficient scheduling processes and workflows to optimally utilize imaging resources to increase capacity.

Full Department Transformation
Integrating all initiatives in the services above (workflow, patient access, and labor) to offer the Imaging department across any size hospital or health system the opportunity to reach, and sustain, optimized performance levels. This program is offered as a shared services partnership model.


Imaging Supply Chain Optimization
From service contracts to Imaging specific supplies, we can help your department identify opportunities to improve its supply chain. Our experts start with a detailed audit, followed by an assessment of your opportunity for savings. We can also evaluate and recommend improvements specifically for the Interventional department-level charging of procedural supplies to ensure accurate and complete supply charge capture from the Imaging department to the organization’s coding and billing team.

Patient Access
The Accumen team helps you face the changing market forces. We consider emerging clinical needs, and how the department might best meet them. Our team helps you plan for the future through a clinical and independent lens. By taking a detailed look at all the market drivers will help us understand your business and will provide you with the foundation to compete more effectively. Accumen has only one interest: helping your department make smart clinical, financial, and technological investments.

Labor Model
Accumen helps you ensure your department-level charge codes practices are accurate and complete. Chances are that your department is leaving money on the table. We can help your department correctly note the work done and make sure the correct CPT® codes are pushed to the billing department.


44% increase in patient access to women’s imaging appointments.


17% is the total savings generated through improvements in staff productivity and equipment utilization.


Patient Cases

3DR labs processes over 300,000+ cases per year.


Client Base

3DR Labs has served 900+ hospitals and imaging centers.


Personnel Base

3DR Labs is 100% based in the United States.

Our Approach

  • Deep subject matter expertise in imaging departments
  • 3DR post-processing industry experts
  • Team of dedicated supply chain experts from inside and outside healthcare
  • Personal and extensive national vendor relationships
  • Change management and execution expertise

  • All stakeholders are part of the decision-making process
  • Deep dive qualitative and quantitative analysis yields transparent findings
  • Accumen dedicated resources to drive results for all initiatives
  • Collaborative vendor contract negotiation process
  • Post-processing customized protocols to meet physician and institutional requirements

  • Proprietary 3DQ™ workflow software manages every post processing case
  • 3DR Laboratories has developed 3DQ™, a highly sophisticated, proprietary system that transmits DICOM image files to and from hundreds of clients
  • Accumen Performance Suite™ brings Accumen’s innovative approach and technology together to help hospitals and health systems achieve measurable improvements.

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