No one wants to receive an inspection letter containing a list of their lab’s deficiencies. With a limited amount of time, resources, and staff, labs can find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared to respond to these deficiencies. Accumen can assist during this stressful time and help your lab to respond appropriately to avoid further repercussions.

Why are Quality & Compliance Such a Challenge in Labs?

  • Today’s environment presents particular challenges with labor shortages.
  • Hospitals are under constant pressure to reduce costs; therefore, laboratories need to be able to meet regulatory burdens in a cost-effective manner.
  • Having the right set of knowledge and skills are an essential part of implementing necessary processes to comply with often complex regulatory guidelines.
  • Regardless of the environment, regulatory readiness must remain a priority at all times.

Accumen Can Set Your Lab Up for Quality & Compliance Success

Laboratory clients have benefited from Accumen’s proven structure and methodology to maintain regulatory compliance. As a part of our comprehensive regulatory assessment by section, we can provide a gap analysis outlining deviations from accreditation standards (e.g. CLIA, TJC, CAP, AABB, COLA, state, and others). Based on our findings and working with key stakeholders, we can provide expert guidance and a roadmap to ensure your laboratory is fully compliant-ready for any inspection.

Our 3-Part Approach to Meeting Regulatory Standards:

Assess & Evaluate
Current Deficiencies

Develop a
Response Timeline

Corrective Actions

Achieving Lab Quality After an Unsuccessful Inspection

If you have been cited for multiple deficiencies, contact Accumen to learn how we can help you implement a successful quality management system.