Meeting Every Hospital at Its Point of Need

Accumen is the nation’s leading provider of Patient Blood Management implementation and technology services. With experience implementing and accelerating PBM programs at more than 450 hospitals, Accumen has a proven track record and customizable approach to address every hospital’s unique needs. Regardless of where you are in your journey, Accumen clients consistently experience 22- 46% reductions in blood product utilization and cost over the course of a partnership. Accumen’s solutions are purpose-built to provide every hospital with exactly what it needs to accelerate cost savings and improve patient outcomes.

World-Class Experience You Can Rely On

  • Comprehensive assessment and gap analysis with customized PBM implementation plan
  • Extensive virtual and onsite support, including regular onsite visits from client delivery team to absorb much of the heavy lifting
  • Implementation support for dozens of clinical projects (e.g., platelet optimization, education & awareness campaigns, cardiac surgery, OB hemorrhage, etc.)
  • Proven implementation model built around 5 PBM Program foundational elements:
    • Program Infrastructure
    • Data, Analytics, and Benchmarks
    • Guidelines and CPOE with Clinical Decision Support
    • Clinical Education & Awareness
    • PBM Clinical Strategies


If you are looking to implement a new or accelerate an existing PBM program, 

contact Accumen to see how we can meet your hospital or health system’s needs.


Why Now?

30-40% of blood transfusions remain unnecessary, excessive, or avoidable

Transfusion exposure is far from benign and unnecessary transfusions lead to an increased risk of serious adverse events

Blood product costs are increasing, and will continue to increase to offset the rising cost of donor recruitment, processing, and testing

Every year hospitals spend more than $30 billion on blood acquisition and transfusion-associated costs1

Blood utilization is increasing as patient acuity and treatment complexity intensifies across the U.S.


Why Accumen?

Unmatched expertise implementing and accelerating world-class Patient Blood Management Programs

Accumen provides dedicated, expert resources (medical advisors, clinical nurses, program management, technology, marketing, finance)

Proven track record of consistently reducing hospital blood use by 22-46% (existing PBM programs typically see reductions of 16-29%)

Accumen absorbs much of the heavy lifting to drive results, which allows hospitals to preserve and reallocate limited resources

Accumen’s clinician led team implements a “patient-centered,” not “product-centered,” PBM program, keeping patient care the primary focus


1. Shander A, Ozawa S, Hofmann A. Activity -based costs of plasma transfusion in medical and surgical inpatients at a US hospital. Vox Sanguinis. 2016.

Sustainable, Measurable Outcomes

Our robust team comprised of the Medical Advisory Council and Clinical Optimization Experts coupled with Accumen’s PBM Analytics tool allows our hospitals and health system partners to achieve sustainable, measurable outcomes.