Our PBM program reduced blood acquisition costs by 43% (patient volume adjusted, single client, 3-year partnership)


Our solution decreased red blood cell utilization within the first 12 months (large, 14-hospital health system) by 18%


16,000 transfusion exposures were avoided (from baseline period 14-hospital, single client, 3-year partnership)


There was an $8.2M reduction in blood acquisition costs (patient volume adjusted large, 14-hospital health system, 3-year period)


Utilizing our PBM solution a single client achieved a 29% reduction from baseline in platelet transfusion (patient volume adjusted, single client, 3-year partnership)


Results showed a 41% plasma transfusion reduction from baseline (patient volume adjusted single client, 3-year partnership)

Key Patient Blood Management Differentiators


Clinical Expertise

Accumen’s PBM Select™ team of clinicians has over 120 years of collective PBM experience from implementing or accelerating efforts on Patient Blood Management at over 320 hospitals in the U.S.

Self-Directed or Accumen-led Components

Accumen provides a customizable, configurable approach to meet immediate needs and build toward future opportunities with both self-directed and Accumen-led components.

People, Process, and Technology

Accumen utilizes people, process, and technology to drive measurable performance improvement in patient quality and safety.

Customizable Approach to Partnership

Accumen’s PBM Select™ can support any hospital or health system by meeting them at their point of need to drive measurable results.

Knowledge Repository

PBM Select™ offers a Clinical Contact Center, Knowledge Center, and access to PBM benchmarks, analytics, and physician scorecards.

Performance-Based Partnerships

Accumen provides tremendous cost flexibility with PBM Select™, including the ability to go completely at-risk (e.g., shared savings) for certain PBM Select™ partnerships.

“In our first year of implementing a Comprehensive Patient Blood Management program with Accumen, we experienced rapid reductions in blood utilization and cost savings that exceeded all of our expectations.” - System Chief Nursing Office

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