System-wide Technology Enabled
Anemia Management Service

How it Works

Key Differentiators


Hospital based telehealth anemia management program

We offer perioperative and comprehensive blood management options. The service is reimbursable under complex care management (CCM) and non-CCM tele-health CPT codes.

Generates direct financial benefit for hospitals

New infusion medication revenue and reduction in healthcare costs associated with managing anemia patients, including length of stay, and bringing significant margin improvement to hospitals and health systems.

Accreditation focused Initiatives

Meets 75% of Joint Commission and AABB patient blood management accreditation components, supports bundled care program success, and provides hospitals the appropriate measures to track key blood management performance metrics.

SaaS solution

This solution connects all providers involved in a patient’s care through the health system’s EHR system.

Reduces unnecessary blood transfusions

Anemia Management supports reduced risk and length of stay by “pre-habilitating” patients before complex elective surgeries.

Virtual Perioperative Surgical Home (V-POSH®)

Clinician-created clinical solutions with care management, personalized care plans, analytics, and training enable care management as a virtual service.

Our Results


4x ROI

Over the 18 months after implementation of MyBloodHealth® the health system saw a 4x return on their investment.


Less Transfusions

Our Anemia Management program results in transfusions of less than 2% for enrolled patients versus 30% for patients not using the program.


Patient Cases

Our solution has processed over 7,000 patient cases.


Hemoglobin Optimization

MyBloodHealth® supported hemoglobin optimization in 833 pre-surgical patients in a large health system.


Assessment Tool

Enter total cases for MS-DRG 469 and 470 to determine the opportunity available for Anemia Management within your hospital or health system. Please fill in your information and the results of your calculations will be sent to the email you supply below.

Anemia Management Calculator

Base MS-DRG Code
Base MS-DRG Description
Enter Total Cases
Average Length of Stay (LOS)
Total Patients
Base MS-DRG Code
Base MS-DRG Description

Major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity with MCC

Enter Total Cases
Average Length of Stay (LOS)
6.5 days
Total Patients
Base MS-DRG Code
Base MS-DRG Description

Major joint replacement or reattachment of lower extremity without MCC

Enter Total Cases
Average Length of Stay (LOS)
2.7 days
Total Patients

1Acta Haematol 2019; Management of Perioperative Iron Deficiency Anemia: 142:21–29 Susana Gómez-Ramírez, Elvira Bisbe, Aryeh Shander, Donat R. Spahn, Manuel Muñoz