Why lab stewardship management, and why now? We are a nation dependent on laboratory testing. Because of the great advances in testing, the number of available ones has doubled to more than 3,500 over the past 20 years. Despite these advances, studies report approximately 30% of tests are inappropriately ordered and do not contribute to patient care. Inappropriate ordering consists of over and underutilization, mis-ordering, repeat testing, obsolete or clinically inferior tests, non-adherence to guidelines and opting for more expensive, yet clinically equivalent tests. Inappropriate testing is not only costly but negatively impacts patient safety and outcomes. On the other hand, when the right test is used, patients receive meaningful, accurate, and cost-effective results in a shorter amount of time. How can your organization decrease unnecessary testing, increase cost savings, and ultimately strengthen patient satisfaction?

Why Choose Accumen for Lab Stewardship?

Through strong executive alignment and our technology solution, our partnerships have:

  • Driven more than $2M in annualized cost savings
  • Implemented 17 successful lab stewardship programs across the U.S.
  • Avoided 100K unnecessary tests
  • Reduced muliplex molecular inpatient testing by 80%
  • Reduced daily outlier testing by 40%


Accumen’s Approach to Lab Stewardship:

LESS is more

Laboratory testing can be hazardous

Laboratory tests are imperfect


Why Lab Stewardship, Why Now

If you are looking to eliminate waste, reduce cost, & improve patient care within your lab, 

contact Accumen to learn about our laboratory stewardship programs.


Accumen’s Key Differentiators

The need for lab stewardship within hospital systems will continue to grow. To positively affect patient outcomes and achieve cost savings, forward-looking healthcare organizations must focus their attention on patient testing. Accumen continues to be an innovator in this space, bringing new tools, and technology into the services they provide to support Lab Stewardships’ continued evolution.

Robust Data Analytics

  • Easily accessible and actionable data
  • These analytics have been built out in Accumen’s proprietary software

Customized Lab Stewardship Playbooks

  • One size does not fit all
  • Ability to change tests, strategies, and education to fit the needs of health systems

Industry Leading
Expert Guidance

  • Effective, clear, and trusted communication
  • Strong, devoted team of experts

Specific Built Software

  • Real-time access to all targeted tests
  • Monitoring of appropriate ordering behaviors

Access to Key Partnerships

  • More than just Accumen our team of experts
  • Access to these partnerships will be passed along