Our Anemia Management program results in transfusion rates of less than 2% for enrolled patients versus 30% for patients not using the program.


Our solution has processed over 7,000 patient cases

Key Differentiators


Hospital based telehealth anemia management program

We offer perioperative and comprehensive blood management options.

Generates direct financial benefit for hospitals

New infusion medication revenue and blood utilization cost savings can result in an up to 50% reduction compared to baseline, with no offsetting revenue reductions.

Accreditation Initiatives

Meets 75% of Joint Commission and AABB patient blood management accreditation components, supports bundled care program success, and provides hospitals the appropriate measures to track key blood management performance metrics.

Telehealth Ready Virtual Anemia Clinic

The service is reimbursable under complex care management (CCM) and non-CCM telehealth CPT codes.

Reduces Unnecessary Blood Transfusions

Anemia Management supports reduced risk and length of stay by “pre-habilitating” patients before complex elective surgeries.

Virtual Peri-operative Surgical Home (V-POSH®)

Clinician-created clinical solutions with care management, personalized care plans, analytics, and training enable care management as a virtual service.

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