Complimentary Opportunity Assessment

Two ways you can quantify the opportunity to improve clinical and financial outcomes at no cost.


Anemia Management Hospital Opportunity Assessment

Based on an organization’s own case volume, this assessment show estimated revenue, cost reduction, and annual margin improvement available. 

The MyBloodHealth® opportunity assessment takes a percentage of patients from your organization’s data who are considered anemic and applies assumptions based on peer-reviewed literature / our own data to calculate the prevalence of anemia and perceived outcomes. The algorithm then assesses the reduction in length of stay anticipated from treating anemia and the new revenue generated through the use of pharmaceuticals (e.g., IV and ESA).

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Comprehensive Patient Blood Management Program Benchmarking & Diagnostic

While many hospitals have implemented initiatives resulting in 10-20% reductions in blood utilization, most are unable to quantify their true remaining clinical and financial opportunity due to a lack of accurate, meaningful benchmarks and assessment tools. Using a quantitative and qualitative approach, each hospital is benchmarked against similar institutions with active PBM programs.


  • Non-disruptive process and small data ask (no IT needs)
  • Requires 2-4 hours of hospital time
  • No risk, obligation-free discussions
To receive your complimentary assessment, simply fill out the form below.