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Recorded 4.9.2020

COVID-19: What we’ve learned and are planning for next in Lab Supply Chain


Recorded 1.18.2020

Patient Blood Management Certification: The Impact of Anemia Management Programs


Recorded 1.21.2020

New Year, New Focus: Driving Supply Chain Cost Savings in Ancillary Services

Recorded 12.06.2019

Accelerating Lab Transformation with Analytics

Recorded 11.08.2019

Beyond Productivity…Additional Strategies for Reducing Lab Labor Expense

Recorded 10.22.2019

The Many Languages of Data – Finding a Common Dialect to Drive Change

Recorded 11.08.2019

Save blood and improve outcomes: Navigating the rising costs and mitigating risks

Recorded 10.22.2019

Developing Actionable Analytics for Lab Operations

Recorded 09.13.2019

Managing the Lab Operating Budget

Recorded 08.30.2019

Inappropriate Use Of Advanced Imaging

Recorded 08.27.2019

Transforming Lab Performance with Dynamic Scheduling

Recorded 08.13.2019

Unacceptable Practice Variation in Transfusion Practice

Recorded 07.30.2019

The Most Comprehensive Performance Assessment for Hospital Ancillary Services

Recorded 07.11.2019

Sustainable Approach to Lab Productivity Improvement

Recorded 06.28.2019

Keeping the Imaging Patient at the Center of it All

Recorded 06.25.2019

2018 Key Findings: Hospital Laboratory and Outreach Survey Results

Recorded 05.01.2019

The Joint Commission, AABB and Accumen talk Patient Blood Management Certification

Recorded 05.07.2019

Applying Lean Six Sigma to Lab Workflow and Space Planning: The Hidden Costs and Benefits