Dr. Kathy Murphy Uses Passion for Empowering Clinical Laboratories to Author New Book

“The Profit Machine in the Hospital Basement” Reveals Hidden Opportunity for Laboratories

April 21, 2016

(San Diego, California) April 21, 2016 – Using experience gained over three decades and her passion for helping hospital and health system laboratories compete with Quest Diagnostics and Laboratory Corporation of America, Dr. Kathleen Murphy, former CEO and owner of Chi Solutions (Chi), now an Accumen Company, has released an engaging book titled “The Profit Machine in the Hospital Basement: Turning Your Lab Into an Economic Engine.” Murphy will launch her book and serve as faculty at the 21st Annual Executive War College Conference on Laboratory & Pathology Management to be held April 26-27, 2016, in New Orleans.

In her book, Murphy debunks the common outreach myths and makes a strong case for laboratory as a hidden profit machine. The book provides insight into the rationale, strategy and improved financial outcomes that come from leveraging the spare capacity in the facilities, equipment 10and staff in every hospital laboratory. Murphy’s book also provides the hospital c-suite with valuable information about the history of the industry, clinical laboratory outreach myths, strategy, structure and infrastructure, sales, and financial considerations.

“Over the course of my career, I have never before witnessed a rate of change and disruption anywhere close to what we are now experiencing. Outreach brings material new revenues and margins to hospitals looking for ways to offset decreasing reimbursement from traditional service lines. The secret is in the structure, funding, and execution as a serious business entity,” says Murphy.

Murphy now serves as Senior Growth Advisor to Accumen and has held leadership roles at Chi for more than 22 years, overseeing complex engagements involving strategic options development, operations optimization, consolidation, and outreach program implementation. She is a noted speaker and author on laboratory outreach. Under her leadership, Chi has continued its legacy of helping hospitals compete with national laboratories through regionalization and outreach.

As an Accumen company, Chi will continue to focus on the untapped value in hospital and health system laboratories and Accelerate Breakthrough Performance™. Accumen CEO, Jeff Osborne showed his excitement about the book release and partnering with Murphy and the team at Chi. “We see them as equally passionate about the opportunities in the lab industry and offering a powerful combination of talented expertise that complements Accumen’s mission to profoundly impact healthcare.”

Murphy has also been instrumental in directing the annual performance and publication of Chi’s widely regarded and referenced Comprehensive National Laboratory Outreach Survey. Before joining Chi, she directed laboratory and radiology operations at two of the top academic medical centers in Boston. Murphy obtained her PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of North Dakota and has completed executive education coursework at Dartmouth and Harvard Business School.

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