Accumen’s COVID-19 Resource Center was built to assist hospitals and health systems throughout this pandemic

We remain in this together – from crisis, to recovery, to growth – we continue to build resources crucial to your health systems current and next phase of this pandemic.

Recovery Tools

These COVID-19 Recovery Tools are comprised of actionable resources for hospital laboratories, supply chain, blood management, and imaging departments throughout this evolving pandemic. These tools are continuously updated for the most recent and accurate information.

Laboratory Downloadable Resources

Hospital Lab Crisis Preparedness Program

Added 5/29/2020
In the wake of crisis, the hospital laboratory has risen from the basement to the center of the healthcare’s attention. We’ve learned the hospital lab is suboptimal, lacking inventory of basic supplies and staff support. It’s time to prepare for what’s next. Download the Hospital Lab Crisis Preparedness Program Overview to learn how Accumen can help you prepare for a second wave, a future virus, or a spike in volumes. Get Download

COVID-19 Regional Test Capacity
and Routing Network

Added 5/8/2020
As the only national hospital laboratory optimization company, Accumen has now implemented this solution, allowing regions across the country to efficiently monitor the capacity of labs offering COVID-19 testing, and direct testing based on availability.
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COVID-19 EUA Test Technical Comparison

Updated 9/18/2020
COVID-19 EUA Test Technical Comparison thumbnailThe market for new COVID-19 testing is changing every day. Use this test method comparison to see specifications for tests that have received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) like Positive Percent Agreement, Negative Percent Agreement, sample type, turnaround time, and others all in one location.
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COVID-19 Lab Preparedness Checklist

In the midst of the pandemic, hospital laboratories are looking for direction on what they can control today while planning for tomorrow. This resource provides 6 critical areas that need your attention.
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Virtual Laboratory Performance Assessment

We know visiting you is not helpful, or healthful, right now so we’ve restructured our comprehensive lab assessment to be completely virtual. You’ll get the same level of analysis and readout of cost savings opportunity for your hospital lab, while maintaining social distancing protocols with non-essential personnel.
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COVID-19 Workforce Shortages:
Visibility and Opportunity

The visibility into the medical laboratory industry and the professionals who staff the laboratories at a time when workforce shortages are one of the industry’s top concerns.
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How to deploy a COVID-19 Lab Developed Test (LDT)?

Accumen has customized its Lab Outreach Program to partner with hospital labs to establish and deploy a COVID-19 Lab Developed Test (LDT).
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Patient Blood Management Downloadable Resources

COVID-19 Critical Blood Shortage Toolkit

This toolkit provides extensive resources to start or support a successful program, ensuring strength in navigating current or future supply issues.
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COVID-19 Patient Blood Management Strategies Memo

Managing your hospital blood supply is especially critical now as both patient volumes and blood shortages spike. This resource provides strategies to preserve this limited resource that you can share throughout your health system.
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Red Blood Cell (RBC) Transfusion as a Treatment for COVID-19?

The science around COVID-19 treatment options is rapidly evolving. This makes it as important as ever to quickly differentiate between solid helpful science and false information. Should red blood cell (RBC) transfusions be considered in the treatment of COVID-19? This resource provides clarity on a potentially harmful recommendation that has come to light.
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Imaging Department Recovery Resources

COVID-19 Imaging Recovery Overview

The time is now fast approaching to prepare for the influx of patients returning for elective exams and procedures. Accumen can help you to prepare an effective plan and provide operational support.

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COVID-19 Imaging Recovery Checklist

As your Imaging Department begins to enter the Recovery Phase of the COVID-19 crisis, this checklist can help you ensure that your staff is ready and your patient’s experience remains paramount.

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COVID-19 Imaging Patient Communications

Now is the time to create patient-facing communication to best prepare for the re-opening of your department. Accumen’s Imaging experts provide these guidelines for crafting your COVID-19 specific messaging.

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COVID-19 Imaging Resources Guide

Updated 4/22/2020
The Imaging Operations Team at Accumen have compiled and categorized the most valuable resources within the Imaging Community. We will make updates as new information becomes available.

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Other Resources

COVID-19 Symptoms and Risk Factors (Infographic)

As active members of the healthcare system, many of you have likely had relatives and friends reach out to you during this pandemic. Using information from the CDC and other studies in the literature, we’ve put together this handy infographic outlining symptoms, risk factors and disease complications.
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COVID-19 Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics (CHIME)

Penn Medicine Predictive Healthcare CHIME toolThis tool was developed by the Predictive Healthcare team at Penn Medicine to assist hospitals and public health officials with hospital capacity planning.

© 2020, The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
References & Acknowledgements: James Lawler, MD, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Michael Z. Levy, PhD, Perelman School of Medicine, Code for Philly, and the many members of the open-source community that contributed to this project.

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Want to Learn More About Accumen?

At Accumen, our focus is healthcare performance in ancillary services. We share the belief that performance matters. We are inspired to improve performance for ancillary services across the healthcare industry because transformational change will make healthcare better for our clients, our communities, and our families.
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Supply Chain COVID-19 Catalog

These tools are continuously updated for the most recent and accurate information.

COVID-19 Saliva
Collection Device
How to Order

Accumen is partnered with Spectrum DNA to bring to market and distribute NEW, EUA authorized COVID-19 home collection kits for hospitals and health systems nationally.

How to Order

COVID-19 3D Printed
Nasal Swabs
Order Now

Accumen has partnered with EnvisionTEC to deliver a 3D printed flexible nasal swab that has completed testing in an IRB-approved clinical trial for use in this unprecedented time.

How to Order

Ready to Ship PPE Supplies
View Items Here

Accumen has partnered with Greyscale Lab to deliver PPE in stock and ready to ship from Los Angeles, California. How to Order

COVID-19 Face Shields
Order Now

Accumen has partnered with Technique, a custom metal manufacturer, to produce two types of face shields that are available in high volumes for health systems around the country.
How to Order

COVID-19 Lab Supply Chain Resources Update

Lab supply inventories are changing rapidly – daily, hourly and sometimes by the minute. Check here for downloadable updates to the information you need to know now.
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Virtual Learning Hub

The Critical Role of Patient Blood Management in Preparing for COVID-19 Hospital Recovery

Watch Now

The Impact of COVID-19 on blood availability and utilization: What Have We Learned?

Watch Now

The Critical Role of Anemia Management Programs as Hospitals Recover from the COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 Resources

Recent News

COVID-19 Newsfeed More Info

COVID-19 Global Case Count

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

The map was first shared publicly on Jan. 22. It was developed to provide researchers, public health authorities, and the general public with a user-friendly tool to track the outbreak as it unfolds. All data collected and displayed are made freely available through a GitHub repository, along with the feature layers of the dashboard, which are now included in the ESRI Living Atlas. For a detailed explanation for the dashboard’s development, please refer to this article in The Lancet by Professor Lauren Gardner.

Charitable Giving

Blood Donation at American Red Cross

CoronaKits with Sanitization Essentials at Global Empowerment Mission

Emergency Food Boxes and Drive-thru Pantries at Feeding America

Help feed kids out of school during the COVID-19 crisis

All Accumen Service Line Overview

An overview of all Accumen service lines from Laboratory Excellence, Imaging Excellence, Patient Blood Management, Anemia Management, 3D Imaging Post-Processing, to Clinical Data Exchange.

Download Overview

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