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As an innovative leader in the industry, Accumen is led by some of the most experienced and renowned healthcare and business professionals in the nation. Our leadership team is rich in diverse backgrounds that inform many of our decisions and are responsible for bringing millions of dollars in reduced costs and improved client care to health systems across the country.

Job Posting Disclaimer

Here at Accumen, we take security and the protection of your personal information very seriously. Please be aware that certain individuals may falsely present themselves and offer fictious employment opportunities. They may even try to arrange an interview via RingCentral, or other various platforms. Please know that Accumen never provides an offer letter without conducting a series of interviews first.

All interviews at Accumen will take place by phone, Teams, or Zoom. All job inquiries, status updates, and offers will come from

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Recognize and celebrate both individual and team success. Treat one another with respect and communicate openly.


Adhere to the highest ethical, compliance, and personal standards as the foundation of our business practices.


Foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. Take personal ownership to create employee, customer, community, and company success.


Attract and retain the top talent who aspire to be the best for every client and every employee, every day. Always strive to improve on yesterday’s successes. Create the standard of lab, clinical, and imaging excellence.


Take personal initiative and have the courage to drive change. Motivate others with a clear vision of the possible.

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