Accumen’s Performance Excellence Assessment Reaches 100 Clients

July 23, 2019

Phoenix, Az — Accumen Inc., the leader in performance-based partnerships providing end-to-end strategy and services to drive value and sustainability for the clinical lab, patient blood management and imaging services, announced that its Performance Excellence Assessment has reached a major milestone. Over 100 hospitals and health systems in the country have taken advantage of Accumen’s customized roadmap to significant cost savings and revenue growth within hospital ancillary services.

Over the past 8 years, Accumen’s performance-based partnerships have achieved more than $250M in health system P&L savings and $125M in revenue growth, in parallel to extraordinary quality and service improvements across lab, imaging, supply chain, and patient blood management (PBM) service areas. Through this work, Accumen has helped hospital and health systems improve their operating margins by 25% – 50%.

The first step in the transformation process is engaging Accumen’s Performance Excellence Assessment, which takes place before any agreements are signed.

“Accumen partners with high-performing hospitals and health systems to transform their ancillary service operations from cost centers to strategic assets,” said Jeff Osborne, President and CEO of Accumen. “We do this with a 100 percent at-risk model because of our Performance Excellence Assessment. This deep dive, before a partnership even begins, allows us to stack hands and become one collective team focused on the same goals.”

The goal of the Performance Excellence Assessment is to assess the current state of a hospital’s lab or imaging operations and performance, and then identify opportunities to create additional value. Accumen’s evaluation uses a proprietary index of industry benchmarks, best-in-class assessments, and unmatched industry expertise. The result is a detailed report and presentation, identifying specific areas of opportunity across cost, quality, service, utilization, and growth measures.

On July 30 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern/9:00 a.m. Pacific, Accumen’s top experts will convene to present a free webinar, highlighting the Performance Excellence Assessment, explaining how it works, and revealing the unmatched value it delivers. The goal of the webinar is for participants to understand how and why Accumen’s Performance Excellence Assessment is the healthcare industry’s most value-based assessment for hospital ancillary services.

The webinar will feature a panel of Accumen’s best performance excellence specialists. Presenters include:

  • Chris Daffner, Director, Growth and Strategy, Accumen
  • Jeff Coker, Vice President, Client Excellence Execution, Accumen
  • Brent Bolton, Regional Director of Supply Chain Management, Accumen
  • Joe Thomas, National Director of Patient Blood Management, Accumen
  • Lisa Norcia, Regional Director, Operations, Accumen

“No one else in the healthcare industry takes such a deep-dive approach, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis and presenting such a detailed optimization roadmap,” said Chris Daffner, Director of Growth and Strategy at Accumen. “The Performance Excellence Assessment is something that every hospital COO or VP of ancillary services needs to know about.”

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Accumen Inc. is a leading healthcare performance partner providing end-to-end strategy and services to drive value and sustainability for the clinical lab, patient blood management and imaging services. Accumen offers health system partners consulting, execution, utilization, and outreach solutions using a proven blueprint, innovative approach, and insight-driven proprietary technology. We partner with hospitals and health systems to set new standards of performance for healthcare delivery in speed, higher quality, increased patient safety, and a better patient experience that is sustainable. Accumen adds unprecedented value to its healthcare partners, helping them create healthier hospitals, and ultimately, healthier communities.

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