Accumen’s CEO, Jeff Osborne quoted in “Clinical Lab Trends for 2017”

By Jeff Osborne
Published in: Clinical Lab Products
June 12, 2017

“Clinical Lab Trends for 2017” offers a commentary through the analyses of thought leaders and the heads of companies that service the clinical laboratory community. The article outlines upcoming changes and evolutions in reimbursement payment models under PAMA, test menu selection and processes, genomics and molecular testing, and workflow efficiencies.

Under the reimbursement section, which speaks to the impending implementation of PAMA and the resulting loss to the bottom lines labs will face, Jeff stated “Those that take a proactive approach to improving performance in the lab and really put the lab under the microscope to uncover weak spots, will be in the best financial place when new reimbursement rates hit in January 2018. This year, we’re focused on partnering with health systems to increase revenue and improve connections to a critical physician referral base. As we see it, in 2017 labs have no choice but to get leaner and meaner.”

Halasey concludes that while companies within the clinical lab community are keeping their “fingers on the pulse of the marketplace,” he asserts that there is “considerable uncertainty about how anatomic and clinical pathology laboratories will be affected by policy changes resulting from the most recent presidential election.

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