Accumen Launches PBM Select™ To Promote Patient Safety in Performance, Knowledge, and Analytics

Patient Blood Management Solution Enhanced to Offer Access for Every Hospital and Health System

September 4, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 4, 2018– Accumen Inc. is committed to partnering with hospitals and health systems to Profoundly Impact Healthcare™ and has now launched PBM Select™ to drive excellence in improved patient outcomes in patient blood management (PBM). PBM Select™ is innovative by design to be flexible and customizable to meet the needs of every hospital and health system in reducing the barriers to implementing a successful Patient Blood Management program that reduces healthcare costs and improves patient safety.

PBM Select™ offers three components to provide value to every hospital and health system through access to clinical and business expertise produced by Accumen’s people, process, and technology, formulated to drive and sustain performance in patient blood management. The core components include Performance, Knowledge, and Analytics. Accumen’s results are unmatched in the healthcare marketplace with measurable outcomes that significantly reduce blood utilization and costs by as much as 40 to 60 %. In 2017 alone, Accumen hospital partners avoided 54,500 transfusions, resulting in 17,500 fewer patients being exposed to a transfusion. These hospitals saved $14,000,000 in blood acquisition costs and at least $45,000,000 in transfusion associated costs.

PBM Select™ offers both comprehensive and flexible solutions to address implementation guidance and project management, clinical education, PBM project toolkits and templates, benchmarks and analytics, as well as onsite clinical expertise needs for every hospital and health system. It is customizable to serve a single hospital as well as large and small health systems. PBM Select™ allows programs to achieve performance improvement benchmarks and sustain them long term.

As a resource within PBM Select™, Accumen formed a Medical Advisory Council to support clinical and operational efforts that drive performance improvement and quality in hospitals and health systems. The Medical Advisory Council provides physician thought leadership and clinical expertise to Accumen’s healthcare partners and offers a high level of expert physician support in developing transformation plans focused on delivery of immediate outcomes and future success.

“Accumen has partnered with more than 200 patient blood management programs across the country and is now enhancing this flexible solution to meet every program at their point of need with educational modules and best practices, PBM data and analytics, and onsite implementation and expertise that increase capacity and capabilities,” says Joseph Thomas, RN, National Director of Clinical Optimization for Accumen.

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