Accumen Lab Excellence Model Creates Significant Impact by Optimizing and Modernizing Hospital Laboratories

Innovative Lab Management Firm Drives Value with Physician Outreach Programs, Operational Improvements and Lab Technology Suite at Key Point for U.S. Health Care Delivery

August 6, 2013

San Diego, Calif. (August 6, 2013) – Accumen, a unique laboratory services management company, offers health care systems a new comprehensive approach to lab excellence that delivers efficiency and operational capabilities while supporting quality patient care. Founded as aLabs Corp., San Diego-based Accumen was created by the private investment company Accretive LLC in 2011 to partner with hospitals and health systems for sustainable improvements in laboratory quality, service, cost, and outreach growth.

Over the past two years, Accumen has delivered impressive results through its ongoing relationships with three large U.S. Integrated Delivery Network health systems. Sharp Healthcare, a regional healthcare system based in San Diego, and ACL Laboratories, one of the largest health system-based laboratory organizations in the U.S., designed as an operating management arrangement between Advocate Health Care and Aurora Health Care.

Key to Accumen’s success is ensuring the benefits of lab excellence and integrated health care remain with the client, rather than providing independent or outsourced laboratory services. Accumen’s partnering approach from within the health system uses transformational techniques and capabilities to grow physician outreach programs, streamline and modernize operations, create world-class blood management programs, drive laboratory supply cost savings, and optimize laboratory test menus.
Accumen’s ability to deliver laboratory transformation is supported by an integrated, web-based technology solution known as the Accumen Lab Management Suite (ALMS).

Leading Accumen to meet the needs of the health care industry is Jeff Osborne, Chief Executive Officer. Osborne noted that changing industry dynamics are expected to require laboratories to become increasingly strategic to achieving the benefits of integrated care. “With the belief that health care delivery will continue to undergo rapid change, Accumen’s business model brings exciting laboratory transformation opportunities that will create significant value for our clients,” he said.

To guide Accumen through its next phase of growth, Bill Green, former Chairman and CEO of management consulting and technology firm, Accenture, has joined Accumen as Chairman of its Board of Directors. Green called Accumen “a company that is at the intersection of high-quality service, patient care and cost effectiveness. I am happy to be involved in the evolution of health care in this country and to be working with people who are committed to the highest quality of customer service and cost- effective operations.”

Osborne said Accumen’s overall laboratory maturity assessment process provides an ideal starting point to engage health systems in their journey to lab excellence. Laboratory insights, generated through the assessment process, provide an understanding of the current state of the laboratory and help set realistic expectations and a structured approach to lab excellence thus positioning the health system to achieve its desired outcomes. “Collaboration, transparency, and buy-in to the lab excellence vision are a must to enable the hospital laboratory to support the changing needs of population health and readiness for accountable care”, said Osborne. Accumen believes the health systems that will win in this industry will be those that can provide high quality integrated services across the continuum of patient care. Efficient and effectively-managed hospital laboratories will play a key role in the health system’s ability to execute in this challenging environment.

Accumen is excited to expand its portfolio of clients by partnering with not-for-profit, for-profit and academic health systems on their journey to lab excellence.

About Accumen
aLabs Corp., doing business as Accumen, is a San Diego-based company focused on partnering with health systems to deliver lab excellence. Accumen brings together diverse industry expertise and innovative thinking to optimize laboratories for improved cost, quality, service and outreach growth. To obtain more information or to contact Accumen, visit or email

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