Accumen Inc. Releases Key Findings of the 2018 Annual National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey

The 2018 Annual Survey Includes Comprehensive Analysis of Clinical Laboratory and Outreach Industry Trends for US Hospital and Health Systems

May 14, 2019

SAN DIEGO, CA, May 14, 2019 – Accumen Inc. has released the results of the 17th Annual National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey, conducted under the direction of senior Accumen executives.

In its 17th year, the survey captures intelligence on critical elements of the clinical laboratory business identifying strengths, weaknesses, success measures, and trends of hospital and health system lab outreach programs across the United States. Industry data provided by survey participants is analyzed and shared to help laboratories exist amidst fierce competition, apply strategy to gain market share as an agile business enterprise, and develop additional infrastructure for revenue growth.

In today’s dynamic healthcare marketplace, it is necessary for laboratories to promote clinical laboratory outreach program development to generate new revenue. Hospital and healthcare system outreach programs are either gaining or holding their own against national laboratories in terms of market share.
“Accumen has partnered with more than 40 hospitals and health systems to conduct this year’s survey. The results show compelling insights into the lab outreach business model and its continued growth potential for the foreseeable future,” stated JD Kirchberg, Accumen’s Vice President of Global Outreach.

Accumen’s Lab Outreach Select™ solution enables hospitals and health systems to identify their needs for their current outreach program. This includes driving efficiencies, assessing analytics, growing outreach, and improving physician alignment with six core components. This survey is designed to help facilitate the direction in which your hospital or health system’s outreach program can improve on.

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