Accumen Inc. Launches Lab Outreach Select™ Solution to Empower Hospital and Health Systems Lab Outreach Programs

New Approach to Clinical Laboratory Outreach to Generate Revenue, Leverage Lab Capacity, and Reduce Cost.

October 15, 2018

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 15, 2018 – Accumen Inc. has launched Lab Outreach Select™ to provide flexible, customizable outreach solutions for any hospital or health system, designed to drive performance excellence, maximize profitability, and facilitate the continuum of care. Lab Outreach Select™ meets hospitals and health systems at their point of need with resources, professional support, and connectivity solutions to sustain revenue growth and ensure long-term viability.

With three decades of laboratory outreach experience, Accumen has developed Lab Outreach Select™ to help clinical laboratories reach their potential through Accumen’s people, process, and technology. Lab Outreach Select™ offers six customizable components: Advisory Services; Design, Build, and Transition; Connectivity Management; Revenue Cycle Analytics; Sales Leadership Oversight; and Outreach Operations Analytics.

The clinical lab is the heart of the continuum of care, and opportunity exists to leverage lab capacity and reduce costs while improving quality and service to the patient population. Implementation of these best practices allows health systems to drive laboratory efficiency, gain access and insight into lab analytics to facilitate clinical and financial decisions, grow outreach, and improve physician alignment throughout the continuum of care.

“Accumen has partnered with more than 200 hospitals and health systems and been a critical driver for our partners having realized $200M in aggregated annual sales growth. We have developed a comprehensive, customizable lab outreach solution that integrates, connects, and optimizes all aspects of hospital and health system clinical lab operations to drive excellence,” says JD Kirchberg, Accumen’s Vice President of Global Outreach.

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Accumen Inc. is a leading healthcare performance partner providing end-to-end strategy and services to drive value and sustainability for the clinical lab, patient blood management and imaging services. Accumen offers health system partners consulting, execution, utilization, and outreach solutions using a proven blueprint, innovative approach, and insight-driven proprietary technology. We partner with hospitals and health systems to set new standards of performance for healthcare delivery in speed, higher quality, increased patient safety, and a better patient experience that is sustainable. Accumen adds unprecedented value to its healthcare partners, helping them create healthier hospitals, and ultimately, healthier communities.

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