Accumen Inc. and Chi Solutions Release Key Findings of the 16th Annual National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey

The 16th Annual Report Includes a Comprehensive Analysis of Clinical Laboratory Industry Trends for Hospitals and Health Systems

September 19, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA, September 19, 2017 – Accumen Inc. and its subsidiary Chi Solutions, Inc. have released the results of the 16th Annual National Hospital and Health System Laboratory and Outreach Survey on under the direction of Dr. Kathy Murphy, Senior Growth Advisor for Accumen and author of The Profit Machine in the Hospital Basement.

In its 16th year, the survey captures intelligence on critical elements of the clinical laboratory business which identifies strengths, weaknesses, success measures, and trends of hospital and health system outreach programs across the nation. Industry data provided by survey participants is analyzed and shared to help laboratories compete amidst fierce competition, initiate cost containment measures, apply strategy to gain market share as an agile business enterprise, strengthen and expand core competencies, and develop additional infrastructure for revenue growth.

In today’s dynamic healthcare laboratory marketplace a growing demand for patient service centers, in-office phlebotomist services, and cost reductions are prevalent amidst significant cuts in reimbursement. This environment makes it necessary for laboratories to promote clinical laboratory outreach program development to generate new revenue. Healthcare systems continue to grow the number of owned or affiliated hospitals and physician practices which ultimately impacts the system’s laboratory structure. Clinical laboratories that offer outreach programs drive higher test volumes and smarter structures to improve long-term growth and sustainability while supporting the physician community.

Accumen offers outreach management solutions using a comprehensive approach to assist the clinical laboratory and healthcare partners in examining everything from people to process to technology in order to drive higher quality, deliver better service, and implement unparalleled cost efficiency practices. Clinical laboratory outreach programs have the potential to transform the lab from a cost center to an efficient and strategic business entity that drives value and impacts the bottom line.

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Accumen Inc. (along with its subsidiary, Chi Solutions, Inc.) is a leading healthcare transformation company that provides end-to-end strategy and services as laboratory solutions in consulting, execution, utilization, and outreach sales and support. By partnering with hospital and health system labs, we set benchmarks and new standards of performance in clinical laboratory management—driving higher quality, patient safety, better service, and unprecedented financial value. Accumen and Chi deliver results in medical laboratory operations, outreach, and patient blood management and transfusion safety using a proven blueprint, innovative approach, and insight-driven proprietary technology to create healthier labs, healthier hospitals, and ultimately, healthier communities.

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