Accumen Announces Key Promotion for National Director of Patient Blood Management

Accumen Set to Accelerate Patient Blood Management with Joseph Thomas’ Leadership

January 9, 2017

SAN DIEGO, CA January 9, 2017 – Accumen, a clinical laboratory transformation company, announced this week that Joseph Thomas will now serve as National Director of Patient Blood Management (PBM). In this role Thomas will work on solutions and business development as well as acquisition, growth, and strategy. He will also continue in working to assure patient safety while improving hospital efficiency and cost reductions.

While serving as Regional Director, Thomas oversaw PBM Program Implementation for numerous clients across the nation. His expertise has played a critical role in the overall vision and direction of the PBM product line at Accumen. In an interview with Health Professionals Radio, Thomas said, “I believe that patient blood management is one of the five most important patient safety initiatives of this decade.”

Thomas began at Accumen as the Regional Director of PBM in 2014, bringing with him over 12 years of experience successfully implementing and accelerating PBM programs within health systems. While his focus is PBM, Thomas also has expertise in sales, client relations, product development, and business operations. Since joining Accumen, Thomas has been making innovative contributions and has been a living example of the mission and values critical to development of the PBM team. His extensive and dynamic experience as well as his passion about improving patient’s lives has been apparent throughout his career and will bring success within this new position.

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