Accumen and Tucson Medical Center Partner to Improve Patient Outcomes with Lab Excellence

Accumen announces Comprehensive Patient Blood Management, Integrated Lab Supply Chain, and Test Menu Optimization partnership with Tucson Medical Center

April 5, 2017

SAN DIEGO, April 5, 2017 – Accumen Inc. is pleased to announce its newest lab excellence strategic partnership with Tucson Medical Center (TMC). In partnership, the two organizations will work together to implement a Comprehensive Patient Blood Management program (cPBM) as well as drive initiatives for integrated lab supply chain and test menu optimization.

With more than 600 beds, TMC has been a locally-governed, nonprofit regional hospital for over 70 years. The health system is Southern Arizona’s leading provider of emergency and pediatric care and provides best in class intensive care units for adults, children, and newborns. The vision of enhancing the quality of life and overall health for the people of Southern Arizona guides the hospital in achieving award-worthy care. TMC has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for Hospital Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with the commission’s performance standards.

TMC is a member of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA), a statewide association of organizations and leaders that are devoted to building better healthcare for the patients, people, and communities of Arizona. As part of AzHHA, TMC works in collaboration with a large community of health systems to achieve better results for all patients and communities. A partnership with Accumen, as well as  AzHHA membership, is a testament to TMC’s commitment of delivering quality healthcare.

“We are very excited to be working with a hospital that has invested in improving healthcare in Arizona. Accumen looks forward to working in tandem with Tucson Medical Center to achieve outcomes that support their mission and vision,” said Ted Landis, Chief Growth Officer at Accumen.

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Disclaimer: Accumen has no authority, responsibility or liability with respect to any clinical decisions made by – or in connection with – a provider’s laboratory, patient blood management, or other operations. Nothing herein and no aspect of any services provided by Accumen is intended – or shall be deemed – to subordinate, usurp or otherwise diminish any providers’ sole authority and discretion with respect to all clinical decision-making for its patients.

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