Sarah Daccarett, MD

Sarah Daccarett, MD

Physician Advisor, Test Utilization

Sarah Daccarett, MD is a board certified clinical pathologist and serves as the medical director for laboratory services at Vibra Hospital. She completed residency at ARUP National Laboratories and has worked as an independent test utilization physician consultant since 2013. Since then, she has partnered with many healthcare systems nationwide to deliver unprecedented value that leads to better patient care.

Nearly 70% of the medical decisions physicians make are based on a laboratory result. Through proper utilization of laboratory tests, she believes physicians can provide evidence-based healthcare that is high in quality, incredibly reliable, and available at a low cost. Appropriate utilization of lab tests can be achieved through analysis of ordering patterns of physicians, decision support and consultative serves from pathologists, implementation of evidence-based algorithms and by integration and standardization of laboratory services. She is passionate about and driven to reduce variation and therefore reduce preventable and potentially harmful diagnostic error.