Richard Treat, MD

Richard Treat, MD

Medical Director, East Region

Richard Treat, M.D. is Medical Director for the eastern United States for Accumen, Inc. He has been directly involved with Patient Blood Management (PBM) at the Medical College of Georgia, the University of Alabama Medical Center and most recently at Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic Foundation facility. He has experienced a transition in programs from bloodless surgery to blood conservation to patient blood management in his years of practice. After developing the PBM program at Fairview Hospital Dr. Treat was part of the team which initiated such a program for all the CCF hospitals in Cleveland. He joined the Accumen PBM team so he could continue apply his skill and commitment in this area to expand his efforts and involvement to continue improvement in blood and blood product use. He thinks this effort which improves patient safety and health care costs is one of the most important programs in health care today.