Accumen and Halfpenny: Data Performance Leadership

Halfpenny is a leader in data performance. Through its industry-leading clinical data exchange solution, Halfpenny provides secure, scalable, cloud-based, vendor-neutral, clinical data exchange platforms to health systems, commercial labs, health plans, and other channel partners throughout the industry.

Halfpenny serves health plans, hospitals/health systems, pharmacies, labs, radiology departments, and population health and care coordination organizations.

Connecting Data, Clinical and Operational Performance Expertise

Halfpenny empowers customers with the interoperability they need to improve care coordination with real-time clinical data provided and obtained in any format. Halfpenny is a leading provider of clinical data exchange solution that allows for growth and scalability.

Key Differentiators


Nationwide presence

We are the leading provider of secure, scalable, cloud-based, vendor-neutral, clinical data exchange platforms

Real-time information exchange

Gives you the capability to exchange patient data from an interconnected health network that pulls data from external sources in real-time

Secure information exchange

Our HIPAA-compliant solution provides secure information exchange between disparate trusted systems

Supports outreach

Improve outreach with your referring physicians and providers by integrating CPOE and clinical data exchange services into your EHR

Integrated BI toolkit

Provides insight into clinical and quality performance improvement

Vendor neutral

Use our solutions with any vendor’s solution