Accumen and Anemia Management: fewer transfusions, lower costs, better patient outcomes

Anemia Management is a completely outsourced service designed to help hospitals and health systems manage anemia in a simple, efficient, cost-effective new way. It identifies anemic patients in non-emergent, high-blood-loss, elective surgery patients – and treats these patients before surgery if appropriate. As a virtual platform, Anemia Management can be used systemwide, creating a uniform approach to managing anemic patients.

Anemia Management offers the only virtual perioperative surgical home (VPOSH®) — a software-driven solution that is scalable across hospital systems of all sizes. Our personalized approach harnesses the power of a patented technology that analyzes labs, medical history and other critical data. Your patients receive an individualized plan based on their specific needs – with a thorough follow-up regimen.

By partnering with hospitals and health systems, Anemia Management can result in fewer complications, lower transfusion costs, and less risk in a bundled-payment environment.

MyBloodHealth® was developed by the Patient Readiness Institute (PRI) and its founder, Dr. Kathrine Frey, an industry-recognized patient safety and blood management expert. In August 2019, Accumen Inc. purchased MyBloodHealth® from PRI and welcomed PRI’s COO, Jason Carney, to the Accumen team to lead the Accumen Anemia Management service offering. Dr. Frey has also joined Accumen’s team as a clinical advisor, collaborating to evolve and support Accumen’s comprehensive Anemia Managements service offering.

An comprehensive solution to a common problem

Blood transfusions are the most commonly performed and most overused procedure in U.S. hospitals. Anemic patients almost always cost hospitals more than bundled payment will cover and are more likely to need blood transfusions. Reducing the overuse of blood transfusions is a key to healthier patients and a healthier bottom line.

Anemia Management solves this problem by providing the first and only virtual perioperative surgical home (VPOSH®) for anemia management service. This comprehensive approach enables patients to be better prepared for surgery, thereby improving care, reducing costs, and lowering risk.