Accumen Performance SuiteTM

The ideal pairing of technology with Accumen’s innovative approach to assisting health systems drive a high performing culture while achieving measurable results:

Lab Excellence Analytics

  1. Designed by lab professionals for lab professionals
  2. Provides real-time service line insights that drive operational improvements
  3. While keeping an eye on quality and satisfaction of patients and providers
  4. To optimize test utilization, turnaround time, and cost

Patient Blood Management Analytics

  1. Designed by clinical thought leaders to accelerate implementation of a comprehensive Patient Blood
    Management Program.
  2. Identifies and prioritizes opportunities to improve utilization of blood products using hospital,
    service, and provider level transfusion data.
  3. Provides in depth analysis of transfusion practices with detailed provider level metrics and dashboards
    showing performance distributions by clinical specialty and provider level for peer to peer comparison
    and analysis of patient level transfusion practices.
  4. Generates “actionable” intelligence that results in changes to transfusion practice.
  5. Provides benchmark comparisons to peers with in the Accumen portfolio.

Accumen Benchmarking

  1. Chi IQ® is a benchmarking solution designed for hospitals and independent laboratories leveraging decades of
    laboratory and technology data.
  2. This valuable tool provides accessible, accurate, and actionable intelligence to improve cost, quality, and service from
    hundreds of active benchmarked hospital laboratories across the US.
  3. The collection of these results represent the journey health systems are on in achieving higher performing labs.
  4. Peer group comparisons and departmental analysis are a few of the key Chi IQ® capabilities to assist in identifying and  prioritizing opportunities within the laboratory and to start or continue your own journey to Lab Excellence.

Accumen Outreach Connectivity

In the business of outreach for health systems and hospital laboratories, “Service” often can be the Achilles heel between the laboratory and the physician community. Being able to improve the quality of patient care, workflow, and productivity through efficient and effective connectivity goes a long way in developing a seamless relationship with physician offices. Better stated, a successful “virtual handshake” plays a pivotal role in the provision of healthcare.


  1. Accumen’s expertise from within the health system lab environment provides the expertise and capability to develop, test and
    deploy EMR interfaces and Portal capabilities.
  2. Connecting physician offices to the lab ordering system and online patient scheduling provides the foundation for full
    electronic lab requisitions, efficient bi-directional order entry, accurate status tracking of specimens and requisitions, and
    delivery of results into the EMR.