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Accumen enables hospitals, health systems, and independent labs to respond to current challenges and even thrive in today’s unpredictable and ever-changing environment. With a focus on lab operations and clinical transformation, Accumen leverages technology-enabled consulting services to solve complex hospital and health system issues. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, with an office in Blue Bell, PA, Accumen accelerates results for more than 1,000 US hospitals and health systems by providing expert resources, extensive operational and clinical data, as well as analytic technology.

Our Mission​

Profoundly Impacting Healthcare

Our Values

Our vision, mission, and values have guided us as we set out to transform healthcare.


Recognize and celebrate both individual and team success. Treat one another with respect and communicate openly.


Adhere to the highest ethical, compliance, and personal standards as the foundation of our business practices.


Foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. Take personal ownership to create employee, customer, community, and company success.


Attract and retain the top talent who aspire to be the best for every client and every employee, every day. Always strive to improve on yesterday’s successes. Create the standard of lab, clinical, and imaging excellence.


Take personal initiative and have the courage to drive change. Motivate others with a clear vision of the possible.

Accumen, formerly known as aLabs, was founded in 2011. In 2016, Accumen acquired Chi Solutions, a consulting and outreach firm. Three additional companies were acquired in 2019, including Halfpenny Technologies, a provider focused on interoperability technology, 3DR Labs, a 3D imaging post-processing company, as well as MyBloodHealth® (formerly known as the Patient Readiness Institute).

Helping Healthcare
Get Better, Faster.

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