Case Study

MyBloodHealth Optimization Results in 4x ROI

Client Profile

Facility Type: Large integrated Health System

Facilities: Healthcare company that represents the collaboration among three separate entities; a University Medical Center, Physicians Groups, and Health Services


• 3,300 Providers

• 34,000 Employees

• 70 Locations


Accumen Products

Anemia Management (MyBloodHealth)

Opportunity for Improvement

Anemia is a global health crisis, affecting nearly one third of the world’s population.  Anemia is a modifiable and preventable risk factor, the most common cause being iron deficiency.  Anemia is widely prevalent in chronic disease, 14% of the total US population has CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), out of this population over 15% are diagnosed with anemia. Only 22% of this population are identified and treated for anemia.

Early detection and treatment can reduce or eliminate anemia-related risks.  According to evidence-based literature, patients who are screened for anemia plus suboptimal iron stores, and are treated preoperatively, have improved outcomes.

The Impact of MyBloodHealth®

MyBloodHealth®, Accumen’s patented clinician built, tele-health solution supports hospitals and health systems with reduction in the economic burden of anemia and improvements in clinical quality outcomes and patient quality of life.

How the Process Works:

  1. 1. Identify the patients with Anemia
  2. 2. Synthesizing lab data and surgical information within the MyBloodHealth® solution
  3. 3. Provide support for clinicians with the development of personalized care plans for pre-habilitation of patients’ hemoglobin.

Anemic patients use significantly more health care services, lending to nearly 2x the cost to the healthcare system, compared to patients with the same underlying conditions who are not anemic.  Anemia directly impacts outcomes that would otherwise be preventable or independently modifiable.  

Patient Safety

Prior to implementing MyBloodHealth® this 3-Hospital system preoperatively transfused 17% of patients, using 2.2 Red Cell Units per Patient.

After launching MyBloodHealth® these hospitals avoided 833 transfusion exposures over an 18-month period, reducing their usage to 1.4 Red Cell Units per Patient and transfusion of only 1.6% of anemic patients.


Cost Reduction & Speed to Implement

Over the 18 months after implementation of MyBloodHealth® the health system saw a 4x Return on Investment.

The MyBloodHealth® program was implemented in each facility in 90 Days or less, reducing the impact of program development and IT resources

Subscription Based

MyBloodHealth® is a subscription-based care navigation program, delivered by a team of anemia and peri-operative care experts, including nurse practitioners and physicians.  Additional program components include a patient education process (without interruption to surgeon workflow) and communication elements for all stakeholders (patient, hospital, primary care provider, and surgeon).

Perioperative Anemia Management, as an outsources, virtual care software program, may be provided Safely, efficiently, and cost effectively in a multi-hospital system