Webinar: Optimizing the Strategic Value of Your Lab


Laboratories within the healthcare system are essential for providing valuable insights to help medical professionals provide better care for patients. As technology improves, it is becoming increasingly crucial for healthcare labs to provide swift and effectual answers for healthcare providers. The rising importance of providing health equity, fostering innovation in lab practices and equipment, and meeting the evolving needs of patients and providers is shifting the landscape of what healthcare providers need from their laboratories.

Optimizing the strategic value of your lab to provide innovative solutions and support a shifting environment is difficult. That’s why we called in the experts to share with us what you can do to improve your lab, with whom you can begin the process, and overall, how you can optimize your lab practices to create a better future.

Expected Learning Points:

▪The importance of improving and optimizing lab performance
▪How Do Labs Determine How and What to Change?
▪Process for Achieving a Successful Long term Partnership
▪Why Upgrade Your Lab Now?


▪ BG Porter
Chief Executive Officer (Accumen)

▪Jeff Downs
VP of Strategic Partnerships (Accumen)

▪Noel Maring
Executive Director of Health Systems (Labcorp)

▪Rick Cooper
Healthcare Attorney and Consultant (Advanced Strategic Partners)

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