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Transform your lab operations and clinical services with Accumen.  Our expert analysis can expand the productivity of your team and improve operational efficiency through the combination of expert lab consulting, analytic technology, and managed services.

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Lab Operations and Clinical Transformation

Lab Operations Management

Assure your lab is operating at its most efficient level. Increase your productivity in an era of staffing and supply shortages, improve your quality and service thereby increasing patient satisfaction and understand your options for new sources of revenue.  Accumen’s expert lab consultants can assess, recommend, and implement your transformational projects. Transform your clinical lab and you will transform the core of your healthcare delivery capabilities.

Lab Operations

Clinical Transformation

The rising cost of care for complex patients, critical blood shortages, and the expanding list of adverse events associated with untreated anemia and blood transfusions are driving a global focus on comprehensive Patient Blood Management. 

Accumen’s internationally recognized clinical experts utilize an evidence-based, “patient-centered” approach designed to manage and preserve the patient’s own blood, significantly reducing transfusion exposure, improving outcomes, and reducing overall costs.