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Helping Hospital Labs Realize
Their Full Potential in Supporting
Quality Patient Care
Partnering with Health Systems
to Retain, Optimize & Modernize
Their Hospital Labs
Delivering Proven Results
With a Comprehensive Approach
to Managing Hospital Labs
Positioning Health Systems
for Population Health
Through Lab Excellence
Enabling Hospital Labs
to Meet Evolving Trends
in Healthcare

Accumen partners with health systems to deliver lab excellence. By partnering with clients to operate their labs, rather than providing independent or outsourced laboratory services, Accumen provides a unique value proposition to health systems. Accumen's innovative approach helps health systems and associated physician groups retain control of the continuum of care, and achieve measurable improvements in lab excellence and efficiency through a comprehensive approach to people, process, and technology that both optimizes and modernizes hospital lab operations.

How We Help Health Systems

Grow Outreach and Improve Physician Alignment

by expanding hospital laboratory business, increasing utilization of laboratory assets, and strengthening the opportunity for physician-hospital integrated care. More...

Implement Effective Blood Management and Utilization

by instituting an end-to-end blood program to drive better patient outcomes, utilize less blood, and reduce overall blood spend. More...

Optimize Lab Supply Chain and Send-outs

by implementing focused, integrated laboratory supply and reference test
management strategies. More...

Drive Laboratory Efficiency

by applying targeted initiatives that optimize, modernize, and consolidate lab resources and enhance productivity and performance. More...

Improve Quality and Service

by establishing stakeholder performance metrics, utilizing operational methods and strategies that support clinical and service quality. More...

Rapidly and Efficiently Provide Lab Information

by utilizing a proprietary Lab Management Suite℠, that provides timely and accurate reporting to improve laboratory performance and assists physicians in making clinical decisions.